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Why I Read Blogs

I think I’ve figured out why I read a lot of blogs.

If you read enough blogs, you will inevitably hear people say things like, “Bloggers are a bunch of whiners,” or “What’s the point?”  I get that.  Some are whiny and pointless.  But I also don’t stay with those blogs.  I move on and seek out people like Tracy Simmons, Jeromy Johnson, Mark Sayers, Jeremy Pryor, Kingdom Grace, Monachus Bellator, Kathy Escobar and so many more.

The people on my blogroll consistently have something to say that is interesting.  And I like that.  But I realized that this is not why I read them.  There are lots of people with interesting things to say.

I was sitting with my wife sharing why I value time reading my blogroll.  It’s easy to find someone who can complain.  But it’s hard to find people who are vulnerable and inviting.  These people are sharing their heart.  And this stirs me.  It is easy to find people who share stuff or data.  “This happened to me…”  Great.  But it is hard to find people who share their heart.  These people have for some reason learned how to tear down the walls that separate us from relationship.  They’ve learned how to be real and honest.  They’ve learned to move past all the pretense. And I’ve come to realize that I need these people in my life.

These are the type of people I could spend hours with sharing interesting ideas and conversations in a coffee house over a great latte. So a big thank you to those who have taken the risk to share your hearts.

Much love.


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