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Five Years From Now

The world is in crisis, so they say. And crisis has a way of waking people up from their stupor of complacency.  And I often wonder how this change will be seen in hindsight.  Will it be good (yes) or will it have significant consequences we don’t like (yes).  So what will come out of this change?

Now is your turn to turn prophet.  So put on your turbins and share what you see changing. What will be different in five years, about the world, about the church, and about our lives?


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I Love Photo Booth

I love this program. Why? Because it gives me a reason to be silly with my kids.

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From Jessica. (ht)

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007 – Shaken Not Stirred


The new Bond movie has been announced and lot of people are releasing fan trailers.  Lots of great info on Youtube.  It looks as cool as ever but it’s called Quantum of Solace.

Okay, I’ve seen every James Bond movie every made.  I’ve seen Live and Let Die at least 20 times.  I think Daniel Craig is an awesome Bond and I’m sure this is going to be a good movie.  But I just don’t get the title.  It doesn’t sound like a cool Bond movie.  Maybe it’s just me.

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When I was a child I used to go to my grandmother’s house in Ontario California for a week during the summer.  We’d wake up by 7:00 because there were no curtains in the room we stayed in and the sun used to shine in our bedroom.  The first thing we would do is rush and turn on the television and watch our favorite cartoons.  But once breakfast was served, my grandmother would turn off the television and tell us, “You two should play outside.”  When we used to complain, she would then say, “You kids should be so lucky.  I didn’t even have a television set when I was your age.”
Fast forward 30 some odd years.  I spent a weekend a while ago with some friends at  nice little retreat up in the hills.  It was an absolutely stunning location with so much beauty.  My wife and I have a strict rule of no television until after school during school year.  On vacation we relax that a bit.  But sensing the beauty of the surroundings I turned off the television and told the kids (some mine and some my friends) to go out and play.  My kids are used to this but my friends kids instantly grabbed their hand-held Nintendos and spent the next two hours playing them.  When they had to turn them off the first thing they said was, “I’m bored.”

And now I’m wondering if I’m turning into my grandmother or this generation just doesn’t know how to use its imagination.  Some of my best days were spent with the television off.

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This is just funny.

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