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The Human Heart

I’ve now found an interesting graphical representation of how the journey of following Jesus feels sometimes.  But in the end my heart always feels like its coming back to wholeness. (ht)


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Five Years From Now

The world is in crisis, so they say. And crisis has a way of waking people up from their stupor of complacency.  And I often wonder how this change will be seen in hindsight.  Will it be good (yes) or will it have significant consequences we don’t like (yes).  So what will come out of this change?

Now is your turn to turn prophet.  So put on your turbins and share what you see changing. What will be different in five years, about the world, about the church, and about our lives?

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This quote is from Ikon’s “Queer” service.  It embodies the very space I would like to be part of and participate in.

“But in this room, for the next hour, we lay down these debates to concentrate on the fact that all are welcome at the table and to reaffirm that the only ones who are excluded are those who exclude themselves by not wanting to sit with others, listen to others, learn from others and love others.  We are a community attempting to work out what it means to be open to God, to loving and to being transformed in love and as such, the community is primarily for those who embrace this journey – whether conservative, or liberal, protestant or catholic, theist or atheist, gay or straight.  This is the unity that exists amidst our diversity – this is why we need this place.”

From How Not To Speak of God by Peter Rollins

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Tell Me Jesus…

If you could ask Jesus one question, what would it be?  And if you’re brave, what do you think He would say back to you?

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One of the tensions in following Jesus is this stupid call to repentance.  Yes I know I just said that.  But if I’m being honest, seriously, I hate that sometimes.  What is the friggin’ value of discovering my own brokenness?  What could possibly be gained from realizing that I am a broken human being.  These are the questions I have often asked myself as I ponder the footsteps of Jesus.  Everything in me wishes to hide, to pretend and to cover.  But Jesus still, in this very state, calls me to follow.  Why?

And what I am beginning to learn is that it is in this very pathway that I discover the depths of his love.  It is only in the shadow of my brokenness, the deep chasms of my inabilities that I can discover how good my Father is, how good love is.  And it is this love that helps me trascend my brokenness.

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The Subtle Lie

I’m reading this morning and something hit me.

Beneath the subtlety of religion (which is a system of performance) is the lie that I’m not really broken, that secretly I’m okay.  And that if I just learn the right thing, know the right material, read the right book, do the right thing, or pray a certain way that I will be okay. Nobody will notice my indiscretions.  And the very nature of the lie is to convince me that it is true, and because I’ve believed it I hold out hope that the lie is actually true. The search for those things leads me down the spiral to captivity, yet to admit the truth is to let go, which I don’t want to do because then I will have to admit I am broken.

Just thinking out loud.

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Getting Clean

This is a story worth watching.  Richard Jensen spent 15 years as a meth addict.  I know people like Richard.  I used to be like him in a lot of ways.  Discovering something worth fighting for is a long journey.

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