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Freaking Awesome Song

I love this song. It’s haunting in such an interesting way.


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The Coolest Thing

The coolest thing I heard today was:

“The wild man he just killed my religion
He cut it to the bone like a needed incision”

Josh Garrels, Sweet River Roll

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My New Favorite Song

This song leaves me in awe. (Thanks Cynthia)

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Killing It Softly

This is my new favorite song.  Absolutely beautiful from Priscilla Ahn. The whole album is just as good. (ht)

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What is the one song you can listen to that will pick you up?

For me it is Don’t Stop Beleiving by Journey.  Instant lift.

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These guys were poets extraordinaire.  But they disbanded in 2000.  Nail Holes still is one of my all time favorite songs.

So who is one of your favorite bands?

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You have to watch the video to get what this post is about but I can almost guarantee it is worth every second of the 18 minutes of your life you will invest.

About seven years ago Benjamin Zander spoke at Willow Creek’s Leadership Summit.  For everyone there he was only second to Bill Clinton, and a close second at that.  He spoke of the posture of possibility and how to awaken that in our lives.

Much of Zander’s concepts come from one button playing, which is the moment when the musician stops thinking about the individual notes and focuses on the beauty of the music, enjoying the story the is found within it.  This type of musician has crossed over to a deeper level of playing.

And his concept of one buttock playing struck me then as it did now when I watched this video.  It made me ask, “What does one buttock Christianity look like?”  What does it look like when we have reached a place when we can stop thinking about, “Am I doing this right,” which begs the question of performance, and start enjoying His music that is played in our lives?  How do we ultimately participate in a way allows God to bring out His masterpiece in our lives, the one that looks like Jesus.

Zander says, “Because for me to join the B to the E I have to stop thinking about every single note along the way and start thinking about the long, long line from B to E.”

I believe this comes through surrender.  It comes when we take the risk to let go of control and trust that God really does love us, and is not determined by what we do, but instead by who we are, His children.  It is at this moment that we can sit back and enjoy the long line of notes that He is playing in our lives.

How are you enjoying the notes?

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