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Grace sent me a postcard from the edge with a very good question.

“Which is better, to be happily deceived or disillusioned, yet aware?”

What’s your thought and why?


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Another set of random questions from the journey.

– Could the church’s common approach to someone who is homosexual (hateful bashing, protesting against, etc.), which is a expression of belief, be considered heresy?

– Assuming Jesus would vote as a way of taking part in civic actions, would he vote Democrat, Republican, Independent, Green, or other? Why?

– If someone were simply saved to get to heaven, after death what would be their first words when they encountered a God they never really knew?

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These are just streams of thought on Missio Dei.

– What would happen if a church met at a bar? And, who would throw a fit about it?

– What would happen if we couldn’t use hell as a mechanism of coercion?

– Why aren’t “Love God” and “Love your neighbor” sacraments?

– Would the church go into existential crisis if Al Qaeda blew up just our church buildings? No lives were harmed mind you.

As always, your thoughts are appreciated.

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