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True Happiness

In this video, which is a must watch, the guy says, “Everything’s amazing, but nobodies happy.”  That’s a pretty profound statement regarding consumer culture.  It’s kind of one of those obvious statements that when spoken needs little defense.  It’s just so true.

Matthew West sings in his song, Nothing Else.

“Not friends or money or alcohol
None of these things, believe me
You can try them all
Not status
Not success
I know none of these things
will ever bring true happiness”

Why is that?  I was thinking about it and was thinking that none of these things allow our soul to rest.  Stuff doesn’t speak into the deepest questions of the heart, such as who will love me?  It just can’t no matter how much we have.  Stuff doesn’t speak back to us how valuable we are.  It just sits there entertaining us.

What if true happiness rests in the awareness of being loved?  If the love of God is true, then the most fundamental questions of the soul can be put to rest.  And if that is true, no matter where we are, we are then not defined by our circumstances.  I love that.


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