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Everything has fallen to pieces,
Earth is dying help me Jesus
We need guidance, we’ve been misled,
young and hostile, but not stupid.

Tom DeLonge, Anthem Part Two


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“And yet those at the center of the church are burning out and leaving ministry at a rate of 1,500 per month. If that’s what’s occurring at the heart of the church, why would anyone on the fringe want to move in closer?” – Skye Jethani, Out of Ur

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“Now get this.  See, when we see him we become like him.  First John says we don’t know what we’re going to be.  When we get resurrected we dont’ know what we’re going to be.  But we know this, when we see him we become like him.  How many of you know that when you see Jesus you become like him.  But if you don’t see Jesus then he becomes like you.  Its called an idol.  It’s called idolatry.  You have an idea that becomes your god. And your god looks like you instead of you being transformed into his image, he becomes conformed into your image.  And you have a god that looks just like you.  And when you’re in that mode its amazing you can tell because your god wouldn’t do anything you wouldn’t do.  If someone has a manifestation you judge it by what has happened to you.  I wouldn’t do that so God wouldn’t do that.”

Kris Vallotton, Bethel Church

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“You are Christian only so long as you constantly pose critical questions to the society you live in, so long as you emphasize the need of conversion both for yourself and for the world, so long as you in no way let yourself become established in the situation of the world, so long as you stay unsatisfied with the status quo and keep saying that a new world is yet to come. You are Christian only when you believe you have a role to play in the realization of the new kingdom, and when you urge everyone you meet with holy unrest to make haste so that the promise might soon be fulfilled. So long as you live as a Christian you keep looking for a new order, a new structure, a new life.”

A New World Is Yet to Come
Henri Nouwen (ht)

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“The Bible gains its authority from God and the communities who grant it authority.” – Doug Pagitt

Well said Doug.

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While I’m on vacation I get only about an hour of blog reading, which is kind of hard because the posts are just piling up. Out of the 250 posts I scanned through, this is the best thing I read today.

“We have reached a place that our spiritual forefathers feared. We need to admit that the problem with America today is not the government or the politicians. It is not Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama or John McCain. It’s not the senators or representatives. The problem is not the educational system or the economy. It’s not the liberals or the abortionists. The problem lies with us.

We conservatives claim to have the truth and we think we are rich in spiritual position and power, but yet we are cold, complacent, impotent and unattractive, and irrelevant to the world.

I hate to say it, but we are not plateaued. We’re not even just declining. We’re in a free fall. You know why we don’t win the lost? Because we don’t like them. They are different from us. We don’t care for them. We have no real love for them.

People just don’t touch eternity when they are around us. We’re too self-absorbed.”

Jimmy Draper, former President of Baptist General Convention of Texas

Speak it brother.


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This is a musical version of Straight From The Horses Mouth

“And charity is a coat you wear, twice a year.” – George Michael


Cause I can’t make you love me, if you don’t. You can’t make your heart feel something that it won’t. – God (through Bonnie Raitt)


You can have all the material wealth in the universe but it is NOTHING compared to having your family. – Xzibit, after the loss of his newborn son Xavier.


Even though I was a believer, and perhaps because I was a believer. I was cynical.  Not about God but about God’s politics. – Bono

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