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God Takes Sides In War


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What is the real cost of war?  It’s called lives.

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This is from Primative Radio Gods song, “Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth With Money In My Hand.”

We sit outside and argue all night long.
About a god we’ve never seen.
But never fails to side with me.

Why is that?

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I have always found it interesting that David was the only one in the Hebrew people willing to take on Goliath. And as the story goes, he took the risk to trust God and take on his enemy. Goliath was not the first time he faced his fear, but it was one of the most important because it established him in a profound way. His victory allowed the people around him to see what was possible. In fact, when Goliath fell, the enemy ran. And that one victory became legend. We still to this day use the term David vs. Goliath when referencing an obstacle to overcome.

So my question today is, what are you afraid of? And what is keeping you from facing your fear? But more importantly what is to be gained by facing your fear. Are you the one to show those around you what your courage looks like? And will you?

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The Cost of War

We don’t like to talk about the cost of war but this is one of them.

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True Majority

This is a provocative demonstration of our nuclear arsenal stockpile.

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