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The idea that slavery still exists today astounds me, but sadly it doesn’t surprise me. Slavery has been around since debt and I wonder which came first.

In the spirit of Amazing Grace, which opens today, I want to highlight a really cool site that is working to end slavery worldwide. It’s called the Not For Sale Campaign. The idea is cool and the deal is practical. Anything that uplifts the dignity of my neighbor is worth looking at and participating in. Check it out.

Not For Sale was started by David Batstone. Here’s a note from his site.
A Professor of ethics at the University of San Francisco who started his “career” guarding Salvadoran pastors and literacy teachers from death squads. Batsone was the founding editor of Business 2.0 and is the founder of social venture firm, Right Reality. He writes regularly in USA Weekend edition as “America’s Ethics Guru.” He traveled around the world investigating the Slave Trade before writing “Not For Sale”, the book associated with this campaign.


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