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I had the distinct pleasure of seeing Brennan Manning, the original ragamuffin himself, at my alma mater, William Jessup University. I love what Brennan is doing. He simply focuses on restoring God’s image. He sees a God who is much more interested in being a Father than a God. He spent a considerable amount of time focusing on the Lord’s prayer which begins with, “Our Father…” This shattered any preconceived notions of a removed God and began to draw people back into relationship.

He spoke for almost two hours with a ten minutes intermission for rest. I could see that his age was catching up to him. I took a picture with him and he said no words to me other than yes to my request. Much love to the man who reminds me that our Father is deeply interested in loving us. The question is will we allow him to.

PS: My friend Jeromy, who went with me has some great quotes at his site.




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Brennan Manning simple, little speech has really gotten me to think. It’s making me ask what I really want in life. And what I really, really, really want is to get past the question, “Does God love me?” I want to live in the reality that his love is ever present no matter the circumstance. I want to know that space of trust that says, “Yep, my daddy loves me. Not even a question.” I want to know what it means to move beyond this simple question and into the space of being love fully.

My wound in life was the loss of my father. And yet as I write this I realize that for the first time I am writing “was”. Maybe God is reaching into my heart with a subtle whisper, “The time has come to let it go.” The time has come for me to move beyond that identity and into the one he has been waiting to give me for so long.

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The One Question

I’ve read a few of Brennan Manning’s books. The best was Ruthless Trust. I came across this presentation he gave at Woodcrest. He asks a provocative question in the short video. What is the one question God will ask us when we meet him.

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