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God’s Creativity

I never ceased to be amazed at the creatitivity, simplicity and elegance with which God designs the universe and the world we live in.


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I was reading Walking With God by John Eldredge, and he pointed to a very interested idea. God’s creation doesn’t give us a sense of dated time. I thought this was stunning. Creation does give us night and day. It does give us seasons, all of which were present in the Garden. But it doesn’t give us a sense of dated time in our human sense, one that we can’t point to twenty years from now.

So much of our human architecture dates itself almost immediately. I was looking at a picture of the New York skyline and was impressed by how little was truly organic, or self regenerative. I love New York. Thought it was a great city but it was as the name suggests a concrete jungle.

About six months ago I went back to the neighborhood that I grew up in. I was surprised (or maybe not surprised) to see how dated our track home neighborhood felt. It was rows of small homes that all looked the same.

I look around at my own neighborhood and in twenty years, they will likely point to it as the track home of the early twenty-first century. It too will become dated, if not already. Even great cities like Florence, San Francisco, London, Chicago all became worn and dated. Much of Italy and Greece live off of this dated quality.

And yet when I stand in the middle of the forest, there is no sense of dated time. I don’t know why but I just find this fascinating.

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