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An Inconvenient Truth was on television tonight and Al Gore quotes Upton Sinclair who once said, “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” And as I heard the quote, I began to wonder if pastor’s feel or experience the same quandary. When most emerging expressions suggest moving away from a large organizational structure and building to a small organic model that empowers the priesthood of all believers, do pastors feel as thought their job is at risk?

Your thoughts?


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The story of stuff is a short 20 minutes infomercial on the consumer model that is trashing our planet. (ht) It’s very provocative and I would highly recommend watching it. It really made me think of how I can begin participating in a sustainable way of living. The thing with the pillow really scared me (you have to watch it).

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Makeesha put out the challenge to listen and respond to the following audio presentation from Sister Joan Chittister. It’s a very powerful dialog and includes some interesting points on the role women play in ministry. She essentially asks, “when are we going to engage the question of women in ministry?” Even though her question is asked of the Catholic church, I believe her question applies to the larger church as well.

But she also pointed out some interesting ways to look at the emerging church as well. One of the really great things she said was,

“We’re at a point where we have so many new questions but the new answers have not emerged. There only beginning to simmer in this stew that is humanity. The old answers don’t suffice and if they suffice they don’t satisfy.”


Listen to the audio presentation here.

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Why is it that I can eat corn, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and a little hamburger at home and its good for me but if I put it together and call it a taco at Taco Bell, it’s bad for me?

Why does is the minimum salary for Major League Baseball on average six times as much as a teacher?

Why do I drive an hour to eat at my favorite Mexican restaurant for lunch because its easier, than take five minutes and make a sandwich at home?

Why does my wife tell me her problems but get mad me when I give her an answer? If she should be allowed to be a woman who vents, why shouldn’t I be allowed to be a man who provide solutions? ;-P

Why do people eat liver, lima beans, beats and snails?  I just don’t get that.

Your help and wonder is appreciated.

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